Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My Favourite Actors list

I thought today I'd do a list of the actor's I'm gonna put up here, Adam Arkin, Robert Beltran, Richard Bradford, Pierce Brosnan, Donald Burton, Richard's Chaves, George Clooney, Gary Cole, Timothy Dalton, Derek de Lint, Christopher Eccleston, William Gaunt, Philip Glenister, Anthony Head, Michael Ironside, George Irving, Jason Isaacs, Michael Keaton, Hugh Laurie, Denis Lawson, Patrick Malahide, David Morse, Patrick Mower, Neil Pearson, William L Petersen, Robert Picardo, Alan Rickman, Roy Scheider, David Soul, Brent Spiner, Anthony Valentine, Peter Wingfield are the regular's. Gonna try add one every two days or so  if I have time and the stuff ready. This list will vary as I sort through what I have for my guys.

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